Stop Making The Same Mistake Of Purchasing A Mattress At A Major Retailer

One of the most common reasons for long term back and neck pain is a mattress from a large manufacturer.

Many people are unaware of the issues associated with generic big box retailer mattresses that poorly support posture when sleeping. 70% of adults suffer from chronic back problems during their life because of the one-size-fits-all policy of all large mattress retailers. They do not have the capability or training to offer mattresses that cater to individual body sizes and requirements that are unique to everyone.


They Sell:


Your mattress is only built on one side. These mattresses wear out more quickly

Large companies don’t use the best materials as they need a bigger profit

Major manufactures and Retailer want to sell you a new mattress every 8 years


A badly supported body results in a lack of rested sleep and disturbed sleep patterns

You start your day with a sore back every morning due to lumbar support breakdown.

Neck and back pain can create long term damage due to improper supported sleep


You spent too much on a mattress that doesn’t work for you.

They sell at higher prices due to middle men, advertising, and commission costs

Sales people are motivated by their commission and will sell you the wrong mattress

Blair Schachterle
Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy President.

We enjoy referring our clients at Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy to Colin at the Sleep boutique for the evaluations on their mattresses. Colin always takes the time to assess each mattress situation. He has the ability to customize the bed to fit their size of body, type of mattress preference, and level of comfort. If any of our clients tell us they are waking up in pain, we often ask them how old is your mattress? If it is a relatively new mattress, Colin can recommend modifications if possible, otherwise, if the mattress is beyond it lifecycle, he can set you up with an even better new mattress, to provide a better sleep experience. As healthcare provider, we know how important your restorative sleep is for the healing process. I have personally purchased mattresses from Colin, and could not be happier. I highly recommend Colin at Sleep boutique, if you are having any sleeping challenges.

Do you wake up with aches and pain after trying to sleep?

The cushioning layers of larger mattress companies breaks down quite quickly and individuals land on firmer layers below creating a pressure point. Signs of this include numb arms and sore hips. Over the long term, conditions such as this can cause spine and pelvis tilts resulting in pain and posture issues.

Well distributed support that is measured according to individual body weight and shape results in straightness in spine posture and neck curvature. A well supported body ensures a deeper and more fulfilling sleep. You want to float into your mattress but remain balanced.

Uncoordinated cushioning and low density material in some mattresses results in weak spots or ‘holes’ that give way under body weight. A badly supported spine can cause serious problems in posture, alignment and even walking. A sign of this would be your hips being too low and waking up with sore lower back.

Sleep Boutique Provides Custom Mattress Solutions That Serve Your Unique Requirements With A Perfect Sleep Guarantee.

At Sleep Boutique we use better quality ingredients with scientifically better designs and we do this at reasonable prices. At Sleep Boutique we believe that there is the perfect mattress for everyone, and our goal is to get you into it. At Sleep Boutique, we use better quality materials, we have no pressure non-commissioned sales, and we have unique modular mattress designs. Since we build our own mattresses we have no middle men and can build you the perfect mattress for less than you think.

  • We only use the best materials
  • Customized mattress designed for your needs
  • 40 years in the business of providing better sleep
  • Mattress designs built on years of experience
  • 100% Customer satisfaction every time
  • No middlemen, no commissions
  • Qualified sale staff with your interests in mind

The Empress Collection

Sleep Boutique is proud to present our Empress Collection. Our latest Spring Pocket Coil collection is the ultimate in Design, Luxury, Comfort, and Support. We believe our collection is unsurpassed in quality of materials and flexibility for your needs. We use some of the best components and ingredients available to create and personally make your ultimate mattress.


Had your mattress for two months, and are very pleased with it. Never had a better sleep on any other mattress we have ever owned. Thanks!

~ Mike Joan
Calgary, AB

The Custom Orchid Collection

Finding the perfect mattress begins with finding out about you. Our latest mattress can be made to exactly the right specifications to fit your body and sleeping preferences. We have combined the best elements of our High End Foam mattresses with our excellent selection of Latex and Memory foam comfort layers.

Excellent service, even better beds. We’ve bought two beds and a custom foam for a baby bassinet, all have been great. Thanks, Colin and your staff.

~ Colleen Johe

Calgary, AB

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